Collect &
Business Data

Automate the process of collecting Forecasts, KPIs or other data from colleagues, departments or subsidiaries.

Decide what you want to collect


Consolidate Forecast data every month or a few times a year.


Create yearly Budgets based on bottom-up or top-down strategies.

Liquidity Plan

Plan your Cashflow - daily, weekly or monthly.

Project Reporting

Keep track of your organization's projects.


Fulfil governance requirements such as CSRD/NFRD.

Internal Control

Take the pressure off your Internal Control Officer.

Stop being inefficient

Do your employees or colleagues spend most of the time collecting data and only very little time analyzing it? Here are some possible reasons.


Data is filled out incorrectly or incomplete as there are no validations.
Data from upstream systems is required to support data submitter.
Data needs to be transferred to downstream systems after consolidation.


Data is filled out too late.
No overview of who submitted already and who hasn’t.
No proper versioning in case templates are sent back and forth.


High effort in consolidating received data.
Knowledge of consolidation is only with few people in the company.
In case corrections are sent, multiple steps must be redone.


Data collection repeats itself regularly (e.g., monthly).
Pre-population with data of prior period is often required.

Start being efficient

colea improves your data collection processes, increases process efficiencies and allows you to make better business decisions.


Get the data you need on time.
Make decisions based on high quality data.
Focus on analyzing your data instead of wasting time collecting it.
Very cost-efficient compared to Corporate Performance Management solutions.


Automates data collection and data consolidation.
Provides a workflow.
Reduces effort for repetitive collections.
Integrates seamlessly with reporting tools.

Collect ...

... Anything

Finance, Accounting, Treasury and Controlling department
  • Controlling, Treasury
  • HR, Marketing
  • Sales, Procurement
  • IT, Governance

... At Anytime

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly

... From Anyone

Subsidiaries, Departments, Countries, Colleagues
  • Subsidiaries
  • Departments
  • Countries
  • Colleagues

Are you ready to make your decisions bullet-proof?

If you want to get rid of data collections currently done via spreadsheets, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to helping you improve your business processes- and decisions.