IT Project Reporting

While IT is often considered a supporting function, it's becoming increasingly critical in the age of digital transformation. Unfortunately, many organizations lack a proper IT reporting framework in order to give senior management a clear overview of ongoing projects. As a result, management may inadvertently prioritize the wrong projects, causing delays in the transformation process.

colea helps organizations to shape their comprehensive IT reporting solution that helps them gain greater visibility into their project portfolios. This enables informed decisions and can accelerate digital transformation.

Design a template

A powerful template builder allows the customization and definition of data structures needed for your data collection. Whether you're collecting a few simple numbers or managing a complex form with multiple information fields, colea offers unparalleled flexibility and configurability.

Collect data from colleagues

With colea, data entry is simple and straightforward, reducing the risk of misinterpretation. You can rely on the accuracy and reliability of your data.

Adjust responsibilities

colea understands the importance of seamless transitions, especially when it comes to managing a large portfolio of projects. That's why our platform makes it simple to align new project managers to existing projects, when there are fluctuations in personnel.

Adjust responsibilities

Add new projects

Managing large portfolios means that new projects often need to be included in the existing project reporting framework. With colea, maintaining projects is made easy, allowing you to easily add new projects to your portfolio and ensuring seamless reporting.