About Us

We help you easily collect, manage, and share the data your organization needs to make more informed, better business decisions.
We do this with deep conviction that colea will make your data processes more efficient.

About us

Our Values

At colea, we are dedicated to enabling distributed businesses to streamline their data collection process, reducing the time and effort required for this essential task. Our ultimate goal is to equip companies with the tools necessary to analyze data with greater efficiency and precision, facilitating more informed decision-making and ultimately driving success. By leveraging our innovative technology, we believe that businesses of all sizes can achieve their full potential and thrive in today's dynamic marketplace. Join us on this journey as we empower the world's businesses to take control of their data and unlock new opportunities for growth and prosperity.


We achieve better results when we work closely with one another and with our customers.


We deliver quickly and consistently adhere to our deadlines.


We never stop learning and always encourage our entire team to continually evolve.

Embrace change

Drive change for the better and help our clients do the same.


We are an empowered, diverse, and inclusive team.


Never miss out on the fun at work. A little laugh can make all the difference.



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Our office is in the beautiful city of Vienna in the heart of Europe. However, we work together with people around the globe who help us deliver a brilliant solution.


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