Data Validation

Make better decisions

Incorrect or low-quality data can lead to poor decisions, so it’s essential to effectively validate data.

colea's validation feature allows users to add rules that prevent common data collection errors, such as allowing only numeric or text values, accepting numbers within a certain range, restricting entries to a drop-down list, or showing warning messages for incorrect entries. colea helps prevent incorrect entries.

Data Validation Screenshot

Understand Your Variances

Ask for additional clarifications if variances exceed certain thresholds.

Variances Screenshot

Errors or warnings

Distinguish between validation issues by classifying them as errors or warnings.

Use cases:

  • If the variance between actual and budget exceeds 10%, a comment is required.
  • If revenue reported on the customer level does not match revenue reported in P&L, submission is not allowed.

Errors: No submission possible unless all validations successful


Warnings: Submission possible even if warnings are generated

Eliminate common errors, streamline verification, and make your data collection better.