Comprehensive Data Collections

There's no necessity to invest in overpriced Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions. colea's featureset enables you to collect complex data using a featureset that is comprehensive and unique.

How colea works

Setup template

Collect data

Manage submissions

Consume data

More time for analyzing your data

Don't spend most of your time collecting and consolidating your data. With colea you can focus on analyzing your data in order to make good business decisions.

Analyzing data


Parts of your templates may need pre-filled data. colea supports advanced pre-population logic.
Consolidating and aggregating data

Automatic consolidation

No need to copy/paste data into a summary sheet. colea consolidates all data automatically.
Submitting data

Submission workflow

Monitor submissions of your users. At all times you are able to see the progress of your users.


Data can be consumed with MS Excel, MS Power BI, Tableau, Snowflake and other integrated systems.

Widgets, no database

In Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Systems you usually have to manage a database in order to create your multidimensional data structure. colea allows you to manage your data structure by using widgets that can be easily configured by business users. This makes the setup of data collection processes a breeze.

Create hierarchies or nest lists together. In this example accounts and cost centers are nested.
Choose the cell type you need. You can even let users upload files into cells.
Matrix widget


The data you collected can be transferred to, or pulled by, other systems. Below, you find a list of some interface options colea gives you. That means your data is being made available to your Reporting System (or Data Warehouse) by the press of a button.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel



Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server





Submission workflow

In order to know which stakeholders are currently working on data entry forms and which have already submitted data, you can take advantage of the submission dashboard. In case a stakeholder has submitted data incorrectly, reporting units can be re-opened, corrected and re-submitted.

Keep an oversight of your users submissions at all times.
The administrator opens periods; Users enter data and submit.
Administrators are able to re-open a period if necessary.
Prevent users from submitting using validation checks.
Submission status per country with status not started, open and submitted

Easily consume collected data

Use our interfaces in order to consume data with your existing reporting systems such as MS Power BI, Tableau or Qlik.

Consolidated data that is exported to MS Excel
Get consolidated data out of colea at any time.
Take advantage of integrations for MS Power BI, Tableau, Snowflake and others.
Use OData to get a live feed of your user's submissions in MS Excel.
Push data to target systems using scheduled events.

Run tasks and jobs

Often data entry forms have to be prepopulated, so data of the previous period is the basis for entry forms of the current period. Or you might just want to transfer data to other systems every day. colea supports jobs that execute data transfers you require.

Use tasks to copy or delete data.
Prepopulate your templates using data submitted in the past.
Run offline calculations.
Transfer data to target systems such as MSSQL or Snowflake.
User interface of executing and scheduling jobs and tasks

Point of View

Instead of creating multiple data entry forms for each product, account, department etc., colea supports Point Of Views.

Multidimensional data entry masks

Data entry of spreadsheet information into a template with Point Of View selection
Point of View (POV) lists help you decrease the number of templates you need. E.g.: Instead of creating one sheet per KPI, you define the KPI list as POV.


Maintaining mappings between business area and another lists
Mappings make it possible to define dependencies between lists. E.g. it's possible to make specific drinks only available in certain business areas. This avoids Point of View combinations that don't make sense.

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